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BADMamaBear's Story

Jess Clay


First off, welcome to BADMamaBear, thank you so much for checking it out! My name is Jess Clay, I am a very proud Mama Bear of 4 amazing kids, two girls 19 and 16, two boys 15 and 8. I am married to my best friend (of 25 years) who is my biggest cheerleader in my new business journey! I have always loved all kinds of creative things from arts and crafts to remodeling and design. I decided one day while on the back of a four wheeler in beautiful New Brunswick, Canada that I was going to open my own shop (I know, random...right!?) This said shop was going to be called BADMamaBear standing for Bad A$$ and Determined but over time I figured I should be a little more politically correct and go with the next best thing... Bound and Determined (BAD)

There have been a ton of ups and downs throughout the years, my husband and I married right out of high school...bought a house the next year... Had some fun years then started our family about five years later. We did it all "by the book" (whatever that means) yet the road always seems to be bumpier than not, but.... Throughout it all, we continue to be stronger than ever together! With that being said, this business is for my hubby, my hope and dream is to succeed, to be able to lift some of the weight off his shoulders as he carries so much for our family.

Thank you again for checking my business out, I hope you enjoy it, and hope that I did not bore you to death with my story. ❤️

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